Remote Shooting - Basketball

March 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

With the end of basketball season wrapping up, I wanted to show a technique I use every so often when shooting a game. Remote camera shooting, which I learned from a fellow photographer Anmmar Alnimar in 2012, is where you use wireless remotes to trigger a second camera to shoot in a different location from where you are shooting.

The basic things you need:

Two cameras

Two lenses (preferred a long telephoto and wide angle)

Two Pocketwizards and one cord for remote body

Mounting device (I use a gorillapod)

Now the perfect spot in my mind is underneath the basket. It gives you a nice angle to work with that is different from the one you get with your telephoto. 

Here is a comparison from 2013 I took:

Same shot, two different angles.

Remote cameras are most helpful because they give you options to work from. If you need a wider shot to work with then you have this or if you want something tighter then you have that as well.

As a photographer, you always want to give yourself as many options as possible.

Here is the view from behind the remote camera:


And finally here are some newer remote shots I took from EMU's win over Michigan in 2014:


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